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Geography for Grades 3–5

Cities and Landmarks Around the World

Grades 3–5



Thursday 2:45–3:40

Friday 2:45–3:40


Class Cost: $230
Book: None
Supplies: Two-pocket folder, lined paper, color pencils, internet access at home
No Prerequisite Required

The students will be studying one amazing city each week. For example: In Paris we will learn about the Eiffel Tower, the catacombs, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and much more. In Washington DC we will study the monuments and all of the famous locations to be found there. Every city is filled with wonderful things to discover and learn!!!! Homework will take approximately 1 hour per week (10 minutes per day).


U.S.A. Geography
Grades 3–5


Not offered this year. Offered again 2022–2023


Class Cost: $227
BookNational Geographic United States Kids Atlas, (4th, 5th and 6th editions are all okay)
Supplies: Two-pocket folder, lined paper, color pencils
No Prerequisite Required

This class begins with students learning basic mapping skills through fun activities. After several weeks, with this knowledge firmly in place, the students will spend the rest of the year learning all about our wonderful United States of America. Each week we will spend time discovering the location of and facts about different states. Mapping skills will also continue throughout the year. By the time the class ends, every child will be able to map the location of every state in the U.S.A., and as an extra challenge.... capital cities if they choose to do so. Each week the children will answer some simple questions about each state that involve learning about the geography and location of that state. We go over these questions in class together and have great discussions. Your student will also choose a state to study throughout the year. A small project will be sent home for homework each week. At the end of the year, the students put on a Geography Fair and put together all the projects that they have done in one presentation. This makes it extremely easy with no pressure and no need for parental anxiety when the Geography Fair comes around. Homework will take approximately 1.5 hours per week (15 minutes per day).


World Geography and Cultures
Grades 3–5


Not offered this year. Offered again 2023–2024


Class Cost: $227
Book: None, but Internet access is crucial for the homework of this class
Supplies: Folder with two pockets, lined paper, color pencils, internet access at home.
No Prerequisite Required

In this class we study each continent for six weeks. It is AMAZING to watch the growth of students in this class throughout the year. When they arrive, the children might know a bit of geography or none at all. By the time the year is complete, the students are able to take their globes and point right to any ocean or country in the world I call out. It is so much fun as a teacher to watch this learning happen. Each week the children will learn about two countries by finding the location, capital city, language, and three interesting facts about each one. We spend our class time sharing the interesting things that were learned at home and looking up all the cool animals, places, and amazing events together. Time flies in this class because we have a never-ending supply of wonderful things to discover together— pink dolphins, exploding volcanoes, hidden treasures, and so much more. At the end of the year the students will have created an amazing book of the world! Homework will take about an hour per week (10 minutes a day).


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