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Worldview Perspectives Through Cinematic Studies

Special Topics 2022–2023

Periodically, GRACE will offer classes for which there was a special demand or for which a highly qualified individual has become available to teach a class for a limited period of time. These classes may be taught only once, but they will add variety to your home school curriculum

Worldview Perspectives Through Cinematic Studies
Grades 9–12


Thursday 9:00–9:55—1st Semester Only



Teacher: Alana Garnaat
Class Cost: $145
Book: None
1. Pencils/pen
2. Notebook paper (perforated notebook or filler paper)
3. Computer with internet access and a word processor (such as Word or Google Docs) DVD player (unless you plan to access the movies online) he following movies:
  •  The Truman Show
  • 12 Angry Men
  •  Field of Dreams
  • The Miracle Worker (20th Century Fox version, 1962)
English or Elective Credit

No Prerequisite Required



This “special topics” one-semester class explores Cinematic Studies for Literature; an English class that uses good movies rather than books as the basis for literature study. Good movies tell good stories, and good storytelling requires the use of traditionally respected literary devices and techniques. While reading books is still a necessary part of high school education, SYNTHESIS, ANALYSIS and APPLICATION skills for literature are just as, if not more, important. In this class, we teach these higher-order thinking skills in the process of studying great stories in great movies. Each movie will be analyzed in terms of the creator's worldview, communication style, and intent. Using a study guide, the students will be required to watch the movie (at home) and then respond to both the study guide questions and in weekly class discussions and online forums with other students. After working through the study guide, students will watch the movie a second time, after which some written responses will be required. Written assignments assume a certain degree of basic understanding on the part of the student regarding paragraph structure and essay form. Movies to be studied might include (but are not limited to): Rudy; High Noon; Places in the Heart; Casablanca; What's Up Doc/; The Importance of Being Earnest; Wizard of Oz; 12 Angry Men; Field of Dreams; The Truman Show; Miracle Worker.

There is a $25 material fee included in the cost of this course.


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