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Language Arts/Grammar

Literary Analysis
Grades 10–12


Friday 1:45–2:40


Teacher: Alana Garnaat
Class Cost: $240
Book: Institute for Excellence in Writing: Windows to the World, Student Book
Supplies: None
English Credit
No Prerequisite Required


This class uses classic short stories to present techniques, vocabulary, and practice to develop literary perception. We will further apply these learned elements by reading, discussing, and writing about some novels, non-fiction, and poetry. Enrolled students will receive a list of additional books to be purchased or obtained from the library. This class is designed to be advantageous for the college-bound student.


Grammar and Composition
Grades 6–8


Thursday 8:30–9:55

Friday 8:30–9:55

Class Cost: $360
Books: The Shurley Method English Made Easy, Level 7, Student Book. ISBN: 978-1-881940-20-3
No Prerequisite Required

This course is designed to help students master the basic elements of English grammar and usage through identifying parts of speech and their place in a sentence, practice exercises, and writing and vocabulary development. Students will write various paragraphs throughout the year and one short research paper toward the end of the year. 


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