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Opening Plans for the Fall

Greetings from the GRACE HSA Board,

These are challenging times for all - for individuals as well as institutions.  Many of you are wondering what the learning environment will look like at GRACE for the upcoming year.  Governor Whitmer has issued strict guidelines for both public and private schools for 2020/2021.  GRACE HSA is neither of a public nor a private school and, therefore, does not fall under the Governor’s mandate.  GRACE HSA is a religious-based service organization that exists to supplement the parent-directed education of your children.  We serve our GRACE families, not the State of Michigan.  GRACE receives no funds from any governmental organization – our families pay us for services they need, and we are morally bound to provide the services our families want in the manner which meets their needs.  We believe our families not only want to take responsibility for the education of their children, but they also want to take responsibility for the welfare of their children.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you, as best we can, of what the learning environment will look like at GRACE HSA for 2020/2021.  We encourage you to make the decision as to whether that environment is right for you and your family.  The smaller class sizes, staggered start times and large facility of the GRACE program provide some inherent advantages over public or private schools, but we realize there is a broad range of concerns relative to COVID19. 

To the best of our ability you may expect the environment at GRACE to look like the following for 2020/2021:

  • Face-to-face instruction will resume
  • Neither face masks nor face shields will be required for staff or students, but either will be welcomed for those who choose to wear them
  • Individuals within a classroom will be spaced to the extent possible. It is unlikely that every classroom and common area will achieve 6-foot spacing, but we will maximize the space in each room
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility
  • Larger gatherings will be discouraged to the extent possible. To that end, hot lunches will not be served for the foreseeable future
  • Water fountains will be closed, and families are encouraged to send their children with labelled, personal water bottles
  • Common areas will be cleaned at the end of each day, and common touch surfaces will be periodically wiped down by family volunteers during the day
  • Families must not send sick children to GRACE and must notify GRACE in the event a COVID infection in the family. All GRACE families will be notified immediately if a COVID infection is reported for anyone in the program
  • Teachers will be prepared to provide supplemental instruction (generally through Moodle) to students who miss class due to illness
  • Any decision to suspend face-to-face classes at GRACE HSA will be made solely by the GRACE Board of Directors and only after prayerful consideration for the safety of our staff, students and families
  • In the event of a suspension of face-to-face instruction:
    • Teachers will be required, in most cases, to provide substantive, high-quality instruction using the classroom management system, Moodle. Tuition refunds will generally not be offered if quality instruction continues, though exceptions will be considered
    • Instruction in classes which do not lend themselves to distance instruction (Gym and some Art) will be suspended, and families will automatically receive a tuition credit proportional to the duration of the shutdown

We know that making critical decisions about the education of your children is difficult during this time of never-ending change.  We hope this letter defines at least one possible environment for your children’s education. If we can serve you and your family, please consider enrolling in classes soon.  Classes are filling up and your options will become more limited with time. 

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty.  We look forward to an excellent academic year.


Richard F. Olsen, Ph.D.

President, GRACE HSA


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