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Middle School Spanish

Conversational Spanish - (Grades 5-8) 

Teacher: Betty Sullivan

Time:  Friday 12:45-1:40

Class & Copy Cost:  $225

Book:  Spanish For You / Mi Vida and Mi Vida Grades  7-8 Workbook 

With Spanish For You curriculum students learn how to use vocabulary, verbs, and grammar concepts together. The material is taught through fun themes that incorporate everyday language.  We will use a different theme this year. The new theme will be MI VIDA (my life). It is perfect for both the experienced and inexperienced students. The experienced students will continue to progress while the new students are seamlessly integrated. The curriculum revolves around themes to create a core connection between vocabulary, verbs, and grammar concepts students learn. This allows students to use all those elements together in creative ways to grow and build language fluency.

GRACE does not order this book and the HSB Bookstore does not carry it.

Please order the book as early to ensure having it for the first class. You may order these books by  going online to the following link:  Click Here then scroll down, choose EXTRA MI VIDA TEXTBOOK and choose Grades 7-8 Workbook.

***Class vocabulary (besides the basics) will change on a 3 year rotation, therefore it can be taken for more than one year.



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