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U. S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan

U.S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan — (Grades 3–5)

Teacher:  Stephanie Green

Time:  Friday 9:00-9:55

Class Cost:  $215

First Semester: U.S. Geography

Book: None, GRACE will supply an atlas

Supplies: Notebook and folder, colored pencils

This class will study the progression of the exploration, settlement, and creation of the United States. We will study the contributions of the states to the country as a whole, while learning their location, capitals, and significant facts. There will be a Geography fair planned sometime this year at a date to be determined.

Second Semester: Marvelous Michigan

Book: Our Michigan Adventure by David B. McConnell; ISBN #0910726353

There are many different editions of this book. Please be sure to get the copy published in 1998 with black cover and orange Michigan. Used books are available on Amazon and Ebay.
Supplies: Notebook and Folder

This course will help the student discover and learn the uniqueness of our state through geography, history, natural beauty, and resources.

***This class will alternate each year with World Culture/World Geography which will be offered again in 2019-2020.



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