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U. S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan

U.S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan - (Grades 3-5)

Teacher:  Stephanie Green

Time:  Friday This class will meet again in 2018-2019.

Class Cost:  $215

Book: None

First Semester: U.S. Geography
Supplies: None

This class will study the progression of the exploration, settlement, and creation of the United States. We will study the contributions of the states to the country as a whole, while learning their location, capitals, and significant facts. There will be a Geography fair planned sometime this year at a date to be determined.

Second Semester: Marvelous Michigan
Required Materials: A map of the State of Michigan

This course will help the student discover and learn the uniqueness of our state through geography, history, natural beauty, and resources. A course-long project will be required of each student along with weekly assignments that will use his skills in art, language, and research. 

***This class will alternate each year with World Culture/World Geography being offered in 2017.



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