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Top Ten U.S. History

Top Ten History / Survey of 10 Most Important Events in U.S. History - (Grades 5-8)

Teacher:  TBD

Time:  Friday 10:00-10:55

Class Cost:  $215

Book: None

His Story is meant to be a dialogue, a discovery of the relationships between God and man, man and man, and the creation and mankind.  It is meant to increase our sense of wonder and awe toward a God who loves, provides, and sustains His creation AND executes His plan through the lives and events of people and nations. Using original source documents to investigate the top ten events that have shaped the course of history in the United States, students are challenged to:
1. become better praise-makers through an examination of historically significant events through a Christ-centered world and life view
2. develop essential 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity
3. retain the knowledge of significant historical events, people, and ideas that define the American experience
4. understand the big ideas-being exposed to essential questions that make learners think, analyze, compare and contrast concepts (higher-order thinking). Students must understand key historical events, the political forces in a democratic society and the role government and church plays in the lives of the people. Problem solving, debate, and decision-making are important in becoming an active participant of God’s kingdom.

Student-engaged, directed instruction that will survey (but not limited to): The Revolutionary War, The Constitution, Civil War, Capitalism vs. Socialism, World War I & II, Korean & Vietnam Wars, The Civil Rights Movement, Technology and Change-Industrialism to Information to Ingenuity and Current Events.



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