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The American Civil War


Periodically, GRACE will offer classes for which there was a special demand or for which a highly-qualified individual has become available to teach a class for a limited period of time. These classes may be taught only once, but they will add variety to your home school curriculum.

·    The American Civil War — (Grades 9–12)  Social Studies Credit or Elective Credit 


Teacher: Kevin Looman

Time:  Friday 12:45-1:40  Offered during the first semester only

Class Cost:  $

Book:  The American Civil War by Bruce Catton (available on Amazon and Ebay ISBN# 978-0618001873)

In this course, we will start by making an in-depth analysis of the coming of the war, considering the political, social, and cultural issues and attitudes that drove a wedge between Americans, North and South. The bulk of our time will be spent discussing the military, political, and social history of the war years, both on the battlefields and the home fronts. We conclude with a brief discussion of Reconstruction, the process of readmitting southern states to the Union and helping ex-slaves make a transition to freedom. This course will be a blended learning experience with much of the course hosted on GRACE’s Moodle site. All resources and assignments will be managed through Moodle.

Key Highlights:

·         Causes for war

   ·         How the fighting started

   ·         Civil War warfare

   ·         Northern and Southern navies

   ·         Early Confederate victories

   ·         The turning point in the war

   ·         Civil War armies

   ·         Northern and Southern economies

   ·         The destruction of slavery

   ·         The politics of war

   ·         Total warfare

   ·         Northern victory

   ·         Southern reconstruction