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Geography - (Grades 9-12) Social Studies Credit

Teacher:  Marcus Little

Time:  Friday This class will be offered again in 2018-2019

Class Cost:  $215

Book:  BJU Cultural Geography 4th Edition
             BJU Cultural Geography Activity Book

Get ready to pack your bags and sail across the globe as we explore the earth, its resources, and the geographic and cultural features of the people in the various regions and countries of the world. We will learn how physical geography affects the political and economic features of countries and the way of life of their people. As stewards of the resources God has provided, students will develop a new appreciation for the wonders of God's creation and the responsibilities of the mandate that God has given them to exercise dominion over it. There will be a Geography fair planned for sometime this year at a date to be determined.

***This class will be offered every other year with the next class being offered in 2018.



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