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Earth Science


Earth Science - (Grades 6-7) 

Teacher:  Sarah Crupper

Time:  Friday 2:45-4:10

Class & Material Cost:  $345
A $30 material fee is included in the cost of the class.

Book:  A Beka Science: Earth and Space Order #158887
***This class is a 1 & 1/2 hour class 

Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge: Students should have an understanding of multiplication and long division, as well as measurement systems.

This is an introduction to upper level science courses and is intended for middle schoolers after the completion of the elementary general science courses. The focus of this class will be learning the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in further science courses. Students will have support in research and writing a scientific paper, completing official lab reports and long-term projects at home. This course lays a firm foundation for further middle school and high school science courses. We will be introducing how to complete full lab reports, scientific research papers, and long-term projects and home experiments. 

This is a fun, hands-on class in which we explore God’s creation through the scientific method.  God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and it is through hands-on exploration and study of His world that we will draw closer to Him.  We will begin the year learning about the scientific method and tools and units of metric measurements.  These skills will be woven throughout the year as we investigate topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes, creatures in the depths of the oceans, mineral and fossil formation, planets, stars, and black holes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Our goal is to discover the thoughts of the Creator through the ingenious structure and orderly function of His creation (Psalm 19:1).  Each class will consist of hands-on exploration through the use of the scientific method, including labs, experiments, projects, and discussions.  Throughout the week, student are expected to spend 30-60 minutes each day practicing key concepts through a variety of activities including journaling, creating projects, watching videos, experiments, readings, research, graphing and interpreting charts and data tables.  Our class naturally rejects the unproven hypothesis of macro-evolution, recognizing special creation as the only reasonable explanation for the origin of the universe.  Students will write one scientific research paper on a specific aspect of creation, and contrast it with the theory of evolution.

GRACE does not order these books and the HSB Bookstore does not carry them.  You may order this book through A Beka by calling 1-877-223-5226 or check out their website at


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