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Body Works

Body Works — (Grades 3–6) 

Teacher:  Mrs. Bonnie Spaanstra

Time:  Tuesday 10:30-11:25

Class and Material Cost:  $255
A $20 copy fee and a $20 material fee are included in the cost of the class.
Book:  None.  Various handouts will be used.

***This class is a class that meets on Tuesday ONLY.

During the course of the year, this class will include the study of most of the body systems and the dissection, viewing, or handling of the following: eyeball, heart, kidney, lung, brain, and bone. With an effort to tie in the
year’s learning experiences, students will finish the year with the dissection of a mink. This class will also include learning to listen to breathing sounds, taking blood pressure, blood testing, vision testing, and much more. Because of the fine motor skills necessary for the dissection of specimens, the younger students will initially observe the dissection as a group. Later on during the year, they may be permitted to do some dissections by themselves, according to the teacher’s discretion. Students will be required to write short research papers (length based on grade level) on various topics throughout the year.


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