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Pre-Algebra - (Grades 7-10) Math Credit

Teacher:  Joan Ridderbos

Time:  Friday 1:45-3:10

Class Cost:  $315

Book:  Saxon Pre-Algebra (3rd Ed.) Student Text
    Saxon Pre-Algebra (3rd Ed.) Solutions Manual
Prerequisite:  7th Grade Math or its equivalent.

Note: This class meets for 1½ hours.

Supplies Needed: 1 & 1/2 " 3-ring binder, lots of filler paper, No. 2 pencil with good eraser or mechanical pencil.

 Pre-Algebra includes the study of fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, signed numbers, order of operation, percentages, proportions, ratios, rounding, place value, scientific notation, and many word problems. Students will be simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions, determining the solutions of equations in one unknown, and studying geometric concepts.

GRACE strongly recommends that parents administer the free, online math placement assessment in advance of enrolling in our High School Math classes.  Follow this link (Click Here) to  Alg. I, II, and “Upper Grades”  (Advanced Math, Calculus).  Download the test and answers, have your child take the test and self-grade.  We recommend the publisher's 85% or greater as a pre-requisite to enroll in this class (e.g. If the student scores an 85% or better on the Alg. II test, enroll in GRACE Alg. II).


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