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Research and Debate

Research  Debate — (Grades 9–12) English Credit 

Teacher:  Faith Smit

Time:  Friday 9:00-9:55

Class Cost:  $217

Book:  Everyday Debate & Discussion: A Socratic Conversation, Informal Discussion and Formal Debate, by Shelly Johnson, Ph.D.: ISBN# 978-1-60051-293-3

Supplies: 100 stack of 5 x 8 index cards, Internet connection as each chapter will direct you to the following website: ClassicalAcademicPress/EverydayDebate, red pen, black pen

Students will learn to become logical, effective thinkers that are both careful and accurate. There will be many opportunities for lively class discussions, impromptu debates, as well as actual timed formal classroom debates. Students will build debating skills by: learning debate terminology, flowing debates or speeches, giving and listening to speeches, researching a topic for debate and evaluating sources for fallacies, and even judging actual online or classroom debates.


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