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Research & Debate

Research & Debate - (Grades 9-12) English Credit

Teacher:  Faith Smit

Time:  Friday 9:00-9:55

Class Cost:  $215

Book:  Home School Legal Defense An Introduction to Policy Debate

This is an introductory course with the goal to introduce the student to the techniques of debate and research. Debate is sometimes confused with “argumentative speech.” Students will learn and use the standard format/techniques of debate. While we will NOT participate in debate competitions, debate opportunities will take place in the classroom. Debate facilitates analytical reasoning, comparative writing, and verbal skills; all of which are essential to the college-bound student. This is not a remedial course and students that commit to this class need to be competent in reading, writing, and research.

GRACE does not order this book and the HSB Bookstore does not carry it.  Please order the book early to ensure having it for the first class.  The book may be purchased through Home School Legal Defense Association by going to this link.


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