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Language Arts / Grammar

Literary Analysis - (Grades 10-12) English Credit

Teacher:  Ryan Hurd

Time:  Friday 2:45-3:40

Class Cost:  $215

Book:  Institute For Excellence in Writing  Windows to the World / Student Book 
How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2014) (Touchstone edition).
Howards End by E. J. Forster  
Please purchase the editions listed or included in the link.


This class uses classic short stories to present techniques, vocabulary, and practice developing literary perception. We will further apply these learned elements by reading, discussing, and writing about some novels, non-fiction, and poetry. Enrolled students will receive a list of additional books to be purchased or obtained from the library,  HSB Resource Center, etc. This course will be beneficial for the seriously committed student. In addition to the useful literary knowledge acquired, the abilities developed in this class (thinking in-depth, reading with discernment, writing with skill), should have significant transfer value to other fields of study in college and life.

Grammar & Composition - (Grades 6-8)

Teacher:  Joan Ridderbos

Time:  Friday 11:00-11:55

Class Cost:  $215

Book:  A Beka Grammar & Composition I (5th Edition) Order #138835
             A Beka Grammar & Composition I Student Test/Quiz Book (5th Edition) Order #138851

What subject does everyone use every day of their lives?  English grammar, of course!  In speaking, reading, and writing, we communicate well-or we don’t.  Our knowledge and use of good grammar influences our effectiveness in further schooling, church activities, and every occupation, temporary or life-long.  This course is designed to help students master the basic elements of English grammar and usage through the use of practice exercises, diagramming, writing, and vocabulary development. Students will practice writing paragraphs throughout the year and one short research paper toward the end of the year.  

GRACE does not order these books and the HSB Bookstore does not carry them. Please order these books as early as possible to ensure having them for the first class.  You may order these books through A Beka by calling 1-877-223-5226 or check out their website



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