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Journalism/Yearbook - (Grades 7-12)  English Credit

Teacher:  Mrs. Kim Bohlman

Time:  Friday 11:00-11:55

Class & HSB Cost:  $250
HSB, Inc. assesses a $35 computer lab fee which is included in the price of the class.

Book:  Institute For Excellence in Writing Journalism Basics 

This book is no longer in print, but can be purchased from the GRACE office for $29 or may be found used online or at book sales.  To purchase this book from GRACE, please contact GRACE at (616) 498-6673 or

This class allows the student to explore writing and publication in various creative and professional forms. The class will be involved in various projects that will allow them to write productively. We will publish several newsletters throughout the year and ultimately the GRACE Home School Association yearbook. Microsoft Publisher will be the software used for our publications, giving the students a working knowledge of the program. It will be both fun and challenging and would be a great experience to include on your transcript.     ***Each Journalism/Yearbook student will receive a free yearbook.


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