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Introduction to Logic

Introduction to Logic - (Grades 9-12) English

Teacher:  Ryan Hurd

Time:  Friday 10:00-10:55

Class Cost:  $215

Book:  Introductory Logic (5th Edition) by Douglas Wilson & James Nance, Canon Press
    Intermediate Logic (3rd Edition) by James Nance, Canon Press

This course will be mentally challenging! The student will learn to analyze a variety of types of statements, arguments, and syllogisms for validity/truth on the basis of many examples and rules of logic. Several diagrams and paradigms will need to be memorized. The rewards should be a sharpened mind, the ability to avoid logical fallacies in one’s own thinking, writing and speaking, and the ability to discern inconsistencies, etc., in writings and speeches of the media and elsewhere.  These books may be obtained through the HSB bookstore.


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