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High School Level Writing

Writing Based on U.S. History — (Grades 9–12) English Credit

Teacher:  TBD

Time:  Friday 2:45-3:40

Class and Copy Cost:  $217

Book: Institute For Excellence In Writing: Advanced U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons Student Book

    Student Resource Notebook Free download with purchase of student book or buy the spiral-bound     version from the HSB Bookstore.

Prerequisite:  At least one year experience with IEW curriculum

While writing about topics from the explorers to modern times, students will develop more advanced writing skills such as thesis statements, MLA format, persuasive essays, research papers and more. To prepare students for college, vocabulary extension, outlining, summarizing, and researching will be covered. In addition, we will study the formal research paper using the MLA style, the book critique, and the persuasive essay. During the second semester, students will also learn to make connections between Biblical principles and everyday life by writing a devotional. 


Analytical Writing for Essays and Research Papers; College Prep — (Grades 10–12) English Credit

Teacher:  Miss Schuyler McConkey

Time:  Friday 1:45-2:40

Class and HSB Cost:  $222
Book:  Institute For Excellence In Writing: The Elegant Essay / Student Book, 3rd Edition

             Institute for Excellence in Writing: Writing Research Papers - The Essential Tools

Supplies Needed: Flash Drive; There is a copy fee of $5 included in the cost of the course.

Prerequisite:  At least one year experience with IEW curriculum

Preparing students for college writing, units will include thesis statements, essay organization, transitions, introductions, and conclusions, practice with descriptive and persuasive essays, and SAT essays. Students will also learn how to take notes from texts or from live lectures, craft college-level papers, and write or speak persuasively to a wide variety of audiences.  


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