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Creative Writing Rooted In Literature



Periodically, GRACE will offer classes for which there was a special demand or for which a highly-qualified individual has become available to teach a class for a limited period of time. These classes may be taught only once, but they will add variety to your home-school curriculum.


 Creative Writing Rooted In Literature - (Grades 9-12) English CreditOffered 1st Semester Only - WAIT LIST

Teacher:  Dr. Michael Stevens

Time:  Friday 12:45-1:40

Class Cost:  $110

Book:  Great Short Short Stories, by Paul Negri 

This course will bring together spheres which are closely related (creative writing can lead to literatureliterature depends on creative writing), but which are often separated out in how they are taught. We will utilize the classical practice of mimesis, of imitation as a mode of discover, to guide us from reading into writing. We will thus read closely, then imitate stylistically, a number of writers from American literary history, with an eye toward building and thickening our own creative writing techniques and styles. With ample and wide-ranging reading and critiquing, and with a substantial portfolio of exercises and a model story, the results of this course should be appropriate for either a literature or a writing elective. It can also serve as a condensed American Literature survey. Offered during the first semester only.


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