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Computer: Home & Office Computing

Computer: Home & Office Computing - (Grades Mature 8-12) Computer Science Credit

Teacher:  Mr. Bill Trinklein


Class & HSB Cost:  $350
HSB, Inc. assesses a $35 computer lab fee which is included in the above price.
Book:  None (All instructional materials are provided by the tutor in our online course management system (Moodle), including: full-featured user guides, videos, sample doctuments, and links to high quality material on sites that are safe, secure and free.)

Required Supplies: It is expected that each student have use of a PC or Mac computer, with access to an internet connection.

Prerequisite: Students should already be able to navigate their computer, use a web browser, and perform tasks such as open/close programs, print, etc., and be able to type on their keyboard with at least 20 wpm, with an accuracy rate of 97%. Students who have trouble typing below this level should spend some time practicing (15-20 min 3 x per week) during the summer on a program such as Mavis Beacon, or one of the free online tutorials such as to ensure good keyboarding skills. 

Note: This class meets for 1½ hours.
Students will learn how to save time, make school work and other tasks easier, feel good about the work they are producing, and realize their accomplishments right away, starting with the first class session. During the first few weeks of this course, students will learn some of the basics about the anatomy of a computer, operating systems, and computer networking. They also learn how to efficiently save, retrieve, and manage files. During the remainder of the first semester, students will focus on learning word processing skills, vector graphics drawing skills, and the ability to create professional slide presentations.
During the second semester, students will learn how create and use spreadsheets for both academic and professional purposes, and they will be introduced to relational databases. Students who take this class may use a PC or a Mac, and they do not have to purchase any software or textbooks since we will be using OpenOffice™, an open source office suite that rivals Microsoft™ products. The OpenOffice™ suite of programs may be downloaded for free from We will be using Writer™ (word processor application), Formula™ (equation editor), Draw™ (vector graphics drawing application), Impress™ (slide presentation application), Calc™ (spreadsheet application), and Base™ (database application).
Since OpenOffice™ applications have the ability to import or export documents to/from Microsoft® and other office software programs, students will receive additional training on working with multiple file formats and they will become “multi-lingual” with many computer software applications, which will prove to be a bonus for them with all the new open source technology coming out. Each class begins with a prayer and spiritual thought that is relevant and appropriate for everyone. Students who complete this course will be well prepared for college and beyond.


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