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Drawing I - (Grades 6-12) Fine Arts Credit

Teacher:  Mrs. Lorrie Dykstra

Time:  Friday 9:00-9:55 - WAIT LIST OR Friday 1:45-2 :40 - Room Available

Class Cost:  $235

(Many students take this class for more than one year). Discover with charcoal pencil how beautifully God structured His creation. Students will learn basic drawing techniques such as contour and gesture drawing and foreshortening. We will learn how light and shadow affect the tonal value of drawing. Bring your materials and be ready to draw! Drawing supplies can be found at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, T-Square, or try Blick Studio at 1-800-828-4548 (for a free catalog) or

Supplies Needed

  • 14 x 17 sketchbook (60# paper, 100 sheets)

  • A good eraser (Pink Pearl)

  • Sharpener

  • Pencil box for materials

  • Water Color colored pencils

  • Charcoal pencils 3B, HB, or Hard, Medium, Soft

  • 1 set soft pastel pencils (not oil)


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