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Art Through The Ages


Art Through The Ages — (Grades 3–6)

Teacher:  Miss LexAnn DeWeerd

Time:  Tuesday — To be offered again in 2019-2020

Class and Material Cost:  $235
There is a $20 material fee included in the cost of this course

Art Through the Ages will focus on art history made exciting for with creative art projects using a variety of media such as clay, paint, oil pastels and more. The history portion will be taught in a timeline style starting with prehistoric art and developing to post-modernism. Students will get to know famous artwork and artist of each time period through the use of slideshows featuring beautiful works of art for a complete and well-rounded class. 

***This class is on a three-year rotation with Art: Meet the Masters and Art Around the World.

Supplies Needed:  

  • All-purpose art paper 9 x 12 or larger
  • Colored pencils
  • Oil pastel crayons
  • Washable color markers
  • Water-colors
  • 3-ring binder notebook. Tip: (Crayola brand art supplies are ideal for this class).