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U. S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan

U.S. Geography/Marvelous Michigan
Grades 3–5


Thursday 11:00–11:55
Friday 9:00–9:55

Class Cost: $227
1st Semester Book: National Geographic United States Kids Atlas

1st Semester Supplies: Notebook, folder, and colored pencils

2nd Semester Book: Our Michigan Adventure, by David B. McConnell, ISBN #0910726353. (See note below description)
2nd Semester Supplies: Folders for homework and colored pencils. Either an atlas with a detailed Michigan map or simply a Michigan map (not road map).
No Prerquisite Required

1st Semester:

U.S. Geography: In this one semester class, students will develop map skills while studying about each of our 50 states. By the end of the semester students will be able to locate and identify each state on a U.S. map as well as know major rivers, the oceans, state boundaries, state symbols and nicknames, landforms, capital cities, and more! We have a geography fair at the end of the semester which is a lot of fun and does not require huge parental time investment because we prepare for it each week throughout the class. 

2nd Semester:

Marvelous Michigan: This course will help the student discover and learn the uniqueness of our state of its rich history and  geography. Michigan history truly comes alive for the children in this class.

Book Note: Our Michigan Adventure—there are many different editions of this book. Please be sure to get the copy published in 1998 with black cover and orange Michigan. Used books are available on and Ebay.


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