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Elementary Science K–6

K–2 Science
Grades K–2


Thursday 10:00–10:55 or Friday 10:00–10:55


Class and Material Cost: $247
Supplies: Spiral notebook with pockets or a 1" 3-ring binder with pocket folders with paper and pencil, crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

No Prerequisite Required



First Semester: Investigating Plants and Animal Populations—Students are first introduced to different types of plants and turn the classroom “green” as they explore how plants grow. Students will observe the parts of a seed and, in time, the parts of a plant. They learn what plants need to grow and how the life cycle continues. The students will also investigate the different types of animals that God created. They will learn how God has prepared the different animals for their habitats and diets.

Second Semester: Exploring the Five Senses God Gave You—Students explore the five senses that God gave them through hands-on activities and examine the structure of each sensory organ (eyes, ears, skin, nose, and tongue) to find out how it works. A variety of experiments will be done to deepen the student’s appreciation for their bodies.

***This class is on a three–year rotation of subject matter.


2–4 Science
Grades 2–4


Thursday 9:00–9:55 or Friday 9:00–9:55


Class and Material Cost: $247
Supplies: Spiral notebook with pockets or a 1" 3-ring binder with pocket folder, pencil, colored pencils, or markers.

No Prerequisite Required



First Semester: Food Chains/Webs; Plant/Animal Life Cycles—Students explore Food Chains/Webs through hands-on activities and realize that every bite we take connects us to a complex network known as the food web. Because most food webs begin with plants, students first explore plants as food producers. Students are soon able to classify each animal as a primary, secondary, or tertiary consumer, or decomposer, based on what it eats. By the end of the unit, students can apply their knowledge of specific plant and animal relationships as they start their studies of plant and animal life cycles.

Second Semester: Investigating Health and the Human Body—During the course of this semester, the students will study the skeletal, muscular, and digestive systems, use hands-on activities to learn how these systems work together, and come to understand how to keep their bodies healthy.

***This class is on a three-year rotation of subject matter.


4–6 Science
Grades 4–6


Thursday 11:00–11:55 or Friday 11:00–11:55


Class and Material Cost: $247
Supplies: Spiral notebook or a 1" 3-ring binder with pocket folder, pencil.

No Prerequisite Required



First Semester: Investigating Pond Life and Plants in Our World—With different microscopes, students study microscopic pond organisms and examine the structure and behavior of several macroscopic organisms, including the food chains that connect them. Students will also investigate the plants in our world from the roots up. They will focus on the tissue system that transports water and nutrients within the plant.

Second Semester: Investigating DNA and Human Anatomy—Modeling activities help students decipher the codes of life. Students trace the characteristics of their own features to the genetic material inside the nucleus in every cell in their bodies. Students identify cell structures and functions and the chromosomes and genes that determine unique traits. Also, during the course of this semester, the students will examine most of the body systems through hands-on activities: The heart, blood, the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, excretory, and nervous systems, and the brain.
hipwrecks and Astronomy. 

***This class is on a three–year rotation of subject matter.


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