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Grades 8–12


Thursday 11:00–11:55
Friday 1:45–2:40

Class, Material, and Copy Cost: $277
Book: Textbook: Biology BJU Press  (Fourth Edition)   Authors: Brad R. Batdorf and Elizabeth A. Lacy ISBN: 978-1-60682-017-9
This textbook can be found used on Ebay, Amazon, and on Facebook Buy & Sell pages, starting at about $20.
Science Lab Credit
Prerequisite: Basic research and writing skills

In this one year course, students will learn the basics about the functions of the various systems of the human body, including: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, musculoskeletal and sensory. They will also develop an understanding of how these systems work together to provide for all the needs of the body. Hands on activities will be used to help students understand each system. To better understand certain organs, students will dissect an (animal) heart, brain, kidney and eyeball. To better understand the anatomy of organ systems, students will dissect a frog, turtle, and a mink. General Biology is NOT a prerequisite for this course and it may be used as a "lab" credit to accompany home taught Biology courses.

There is a $20 copy fee and a $30 material fee included in the cost of this class.


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