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Comprehending Creation

Special Topics 2020–21

Comprehending Creation: Facts vs. Fantasy
Grades 9–12


Thursday 11:00–11:55
1st Semester Only

Class Cost: $115
Book: The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years by Ken Ham, Revised Edition, ISBN: 978-0-89051-686-7 or ISBN: 978-1-61458-272-4 (ebook). Available on Amazon or from the Creation Museum.
Supplies: Access to computer and Internet.
Science or Elective Credit

No Prerequisite Required



This special topics course is designed to expand the knowledge of the high school student on the Christian worldview of creation . Using materials from the Creation Museum, the students will dig deeply into the evidence for the biblical view of creation. They will develop their ability to explain and defend their understanding of creation in contrast to the scientific view of evolution.


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