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Registration Deadlines: Current GRACE families will have until April 1 to turn in their registrations before non-GRACE families. After April 1, registrations will be received on a first come, first served basis. (You may submit your registration before this date, and it will be kept in the order that it was received). There is a $30 registration fee per family for registrations turned in by May 31. After May 31, the registration fee per family will be increased to $50 unless you are new to GRACE, in which case the fee remains at $30. This fee is non-refundable and is not included in the tuition. It is used to help cover administrative costs. 

To facilitate a timely planning for the upcoming year, we have set a registration deadline of July 15.  If you wait until after this date, your class may have been dropped for low enrollment. Registrations and class changes after this date will be accepted if classes are still available. There will be a $15 fee per class if parents drop a class after July 15. Classes may be added or exchanged with no penalty. This policy is in place so that the administration and teachers are able to properly prepare for the first day of class. If you have requested a class which has already been filled, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail to ask if you would like a different class, or would prefer to be placed on the waiting list.

On Fridays, all students without exception, must be in the Supervised Family Room or accompanied by their parent in the Library or Nursery when not in class. High School students in grades 9–12, may study quietly by themselves in the Library. Students who will not be accompanied by a parent must register for the Supervised Family Room when registering for classes. On Tuesdays, because other programs are also using the HSB, Room #7 is designated as a Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room. There is no charge for the Supervised Family Room or Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room.

On Fridays, all students without exception, must be in the Supervised Family Room or accompanied by their parent in the Library or Nursery when not in class. High School students in grades 9–12, may study quietly by themselves in the Library. Students who will not be accompanied by a parent must register for the Supervised Family Room when registering for classes. On Tuesdays, because other programs are also using the HSB, Room #7 is designated as a Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room. There is no charge for the Supervised Family Room or Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room.

If a student has been expelled from a school previously, the student and parent must meet with the GRACE Board to determine the possibility of enrollment with GRACE.

If you have a child with special physical or academic needs, please let the teacher know so that they can adjust accordingly. When registering your child, please be sure to include all necessary medical information, including medications and allergies.

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Your family is responsible for obtaining the correct textbook for each course unless otherwise indicated. In the course descriptions, you will find the titles of the book(s) needed for that course. At the end of this catalog is a booklist for all the books that the HSB Bookstore will be able to obtain for this year’s GRACE classes. The bookstore does not carry a large inventory of extra books, but will order most books as they are needed. Please do not wait until the last day before classes start to buy your books. If the bookstore is out of stock, you will need to wait for a future shipment. The HSB Bookstore’s return policy states that you may return new books up to 30 days after purchasing.

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Tuition:  $215.00 per 1-hour class per year (exception: gym classes are $180)
      $315.00 per 1 1/2-hour class per year
         $390.00 per 2-hour class per year
         $440.00 per 2 1/2 hour class per year

As noted in the course descriptions, some courses also require additional fees. Total costs for any class can be found in the schedule of classes.
We have a SLIDING SCALE for any family registering for more than six class hours. There will be a $15.00 discount for the seventh and eighth class hours. There will be a $23.00 discount for the ninth class hour and for each class hour beyond that.
Each semester consists of fifteen weeks with two semesters per school year. You will register for both semesters at the same time. The cost shown in the catalog represents the full year cost. In December, there may be an opportunity to sign up for a second semester Gym, Elementary Science, Choir, Intro. to Music, Economics, or Art class, if they are not full. Some other classes may also be available with teacher approval. We will not publish a catalog for the second semester.  If you have questions regarding registration, please call Robyn Wassink at 616-498-6673 or e-mail office@gracehsaonline.org.

Payments for classes may be paid in full, or you may use our payment plan. The first payment of the 10-month payment plan contract will be due August 5, with the remaining 9 payments due the 5th of each of the following months through May. Please note that payments for classes that are one semester only are only included in the monthly payment of the semester they are taken. You will receive each statement via email approximately ten days prior to the due date. You may also view your contract, monthly payment amount, and balance on the Parent Portal. You may pay your bill online through the Parent Portal by check using your bank routing and account number. If you choose this option, there is a small fee of $.25 that will be added to your payment amount. The other option is to mail your check to the GRACE address or pay in person on Tuesdays or Fridays when classes are in session. A late fee of $5 will be charged for payments not received by the 15th of the month. Delinquent accounts will not have access to their children’s report cards. If there are special situations which may require a late payment, please contact us beforehand to make arrangements to avoid late fees. 

Refund Policy  ***If you drop before the first day of classes, you will receive a full refund, less the registration fee, and less a $15 per class processing fee. If a student drops a class on or after the day of the first class meeting but before the end of the day of the third class meeting, half of the full year’s tuition cost for that course will be refunded/deducted. If a class is dropped after the third class meeting, no refund/deduction will be given and you will be required to pay any remaining balance. GRACE has fixed financial obligations requiring us to have a no refund policy.
Earn Tuition Credit  Parents may earn $5 per hour tuition credit by volunteering to monitor the Family Room.  Parents may also earn a $25 tuition credit by volunteering to organize a field trip or special activity, approved by the GRACE Administrator. 
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Family Room / Resource Center / Nursery / Home School Helps
We value the work that home school mothers and fathers are doing and seek to support them. We are also seeking to encourage an environment of community among our home school families.
· Available areas for your use:
1. The Family Room (available 8:30-4:40, Fridays) has been designated as a continuous area for study, but not necessarily as quiet as the library. This would be a good place to be with children that need to move more and for you to visit with other parents. This area has also been designated for students that are in between classes. There are no fees for using the Family Room. An adult monitor will be present. There is also a small room off from the Family Room (Room B) that can be used by students for quiet study, also monitored. (See “Earn Tuition Credit” under the “Tuition Costs” section above 5 for monitoring opportunities). 
2. Study Hall/Lunch Room (available 10:30-2:00, Tuesdays)  Room #7 has been designated as a supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room for students who are between classes. There is no fee for using this room.
3. The Resource Center (Library) has been designated as a continuous area for quiet study and quiet conversation ONLY for parents sitting with their children, possibly while waiting for other children in class. Older students grades 9-12 may sign in to use this room without their parent. Darlene Hall, the librarian, offers a story hour for younger children each Friday. (See Darlene for more information).
4. Nursery is available for those who wish to use it. The HSB would like to keep this a clean and relaxing area, well stocked with age appropriate toys and books. Students may only be in the nursery ONLY if accompanied by their own parent. We ask that when you leave this room that all the toys are picked up and the room is left orderly for the next group to use.
· H2O - Homeschooling Help Opportunities. A support group for moms that meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month for one hour in the Family Room. Come and enjoy fellowship with coffee, tea, and muffins and learn from other moms. We encourage moms that have areas of expertise to volunteer to lead the one hour discussions at times if and when possible, but this is not obligatory.
· High School Seminars such as these may be presented:
1. Preparing a Transcript for your Homeschooled High School Student
2. Earning College Credit in High School with CLEP
3. Navigating the College Entrance Exams—PSAT, PLAN, ACT, SAT
4. There may be more topics offered as needs are realized. 

· Field Trips—Possible places include the following - Art Prize, Bike Path Ride, FMG, Zoo, Fire Station, Blandford Nature Center, K.C. Recycling Center, Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Gerald R. Ford Museum. You may have other ideas, as well, which would need to be approved by the GRACE Board.

· Monthly Activities—Monthly activities could include Christmas caroling, sledding, field day at a park, science fair, Make‘n Take days, cookie share. See the administrative assistant for planning and tuition credit.

· Girls of GRACE Book Club: Middle School and Junior High girls meet on the second Friday of each month during the lunch hour. They share the books they love with each other and get new ideas from the others for books they will want to read next! The volunteer facilitator will choose the genre each month. Each month the girls choose a book from that genre that is right for their family. Moms are welcome to join in the fun. Note to Parents: The books that students choose to share at book club do not necessarily reflect the views of GRACE or of all parents.

· Lunch - Students and parents who stay for the lunch break may bring their own sack lunch. Pizza Lunch will be available the first Friday of each month at a very reasonable rate and includes a nutritious selection with a main entrée, fresh fruit, salad, drink, and dessert. Parents are welcome to purchase these lunches as well. It’s a great opportunity to visit with other parents.
· Pot Luck Dinner: This is held on Family Night, prior to classroom & student presentations in the Gym.
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As Christians, our goal is to obey Scripture and, in word and deed, glorify God. Since the purpose of Bible-centered education is to grow in wisdom and virtue, we require all our students to exhibit the following minimal personal virtues: kindness, truthfulness, courtesy toward others and respect for their property rights, punctuality in attendance and work, respect for and obedience to those in authority, diligent effort and attention. GRACE seeks to work with parents to maintain an organization which supports high standards of biblical behavior. Therefore, we are open to comments and suggestions from home schooling parents. If you are unsure of the meaning of any rule, please feel free to ask. Any student who fails to respect these rules, and the philosophy of GRACE, could be subject to dismissal.

Student’s Free Time Between Classes:  

On Fridays, all students without exception, must be in the Supervised Family Room or accompanied by their parent in the Library or Nursery when not in class. High School students in grades 9–12, may study quietly by themselves in the Library. Students who will not be accompanied by a parent must register for the Supervised Family Room when registering for classes. On Tuesdays, because other programs are also using the HSB, Room #7 is designated as a Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room. There is no charge for the Supervised Family Room or Supervised Study Hall/Lunch Room.

Prompt Arrival and Departure:
Students should be picked up promptly after their classes are finished for the day and should not be dropped off more than ten minutes before their first class. Be aware that a staff person from GRACE must remain in the building until all GRACE students have left the building, even if there are other activities scheduled in the building.  The HSB asks that all students be dropped off and picked up at the turnaround. Please do not park at the east end of the building unless shopping in the bookstore.
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I. Dress Code
        We believe the dress code can encourage an atmosphere of serious study and encourage students to make God-honoring choices regarding their appearance without being restricted by a uniform. Out of love for God and our fellow man, we should be careful not to cause others to be tempted and stumble into sin.  Please consider reading and discussing these scripture passages with your children: Matthew 22:37-40; Romans 14:12,13; Matthew 5:28; Philippians 4:5.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their students adhere to the dress code.  Violation of the dress code will result in appropriate administrative action. 
Here are some guideline to help you in considering others:
A.   All Students: No writing on shirts other than small logos. Extreme styles or fads are not permitted. This applies to clothing, hair, and jewelry accessories  (piercings, etc.) All underwear must be covered. Dress codes must be observed until the student leaves the building for the day. 

B. Boys: Dress-casual clothing. Shirts can be casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, golf-type shirts, and turtlenecks. No sweatshirts or t-shirts. Khaki pants, dress pants, and cargo pants are appropriate. No jeans of any color, sweat pants, athletic clothing, baggy pants, or shorts. Hats must be removed upon entering a room. Earrings, chokers, and chains are not allowed.

C. Girls:  Khaki style pants or dress pants (no jeans of any color, no baggies, no sports pants, no sweat pants, no skin-tight pants). Skirts must be knee-length and shirts must not be tight-fitting or have low necklines. No bare midriffs, even when arms are raised. Leggings and jeggings are not considered pants and should be worn under skirts that are at least knee-length. Only ear piercings are acceptable.

II. Lunch      
Students and parents who stay during the lunch break may bring their own sack lunches. Pizza lunch will be available the first Friday of each month at a very reasonable rate, which includes a nutritious selection with a main entrée, fresh fruits, salad, drink, and a dessert. Watch your e-mail or Facebook for reminders. Parents are welcome to stay with their students or visit with other parents and purchase these lunches as well. 
IIIGrading Scale

acknowledges that the ultimate responsibility for grades lies in the hands of the home-schooling parent. GRACE teachers will use the following scale to assign grades to students based on the teacher’s assessment of the students’ achievements in their classes. Report cards will be available on the Parent Portal under Classes|Grades approximately three weeks after the end of the semester.

  The grading scale was revised starting with the 2017-2018 school year to more closely align with the grading scales used by local colleges.

97-100 A+ 77-79 C+
93-96 A 73-76 C
90-92 A- 70-72 C-
87-89 B+ 67-69 D+
83-86 B 63-66 D
80-82 B- 60-62 D-

 IV. Cheating

       If a student is caught cheating by either giving or receiving answers during a test, or in any other assignment, the parents will be notified, and an automatic zero will be administered for that particular test or assignment. If cheating occurs again in any subject during the year, the child will be expelled from that particular class. If it occurs a third time, the child will be expelled from GRACE for the remainder of the year.
V.   Plagiarism
       Plagiarized reports will not be accepted. Plagiarism can be the following: turning in someone else’s work as your own; copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit; changing words, but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit; copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not. For more information about citing sources and resources to check for plagiarism, go to http://www.plagiarism.org/plagiarism-101/what-is-plagiarism.

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VI. Homework, Tardiness, and Absences
       GRACE Home School Association believes that academic excellence is achieved only through regular attendance, hard work, and a respectful relationship between parents, students, and teachers. Because they know their students and course needs best, individual teachers will set the policies for homework, tardiness, and absences. Parents are asked to support the policies of these teachers and to communicate with the teachers if students are not able to meet those expectations. GRACE supports our teachers and will work to provide the best possible learning environment for your child.
Because of our strong commitment to academic excellence, we will require homework to be turned in on time according to the teacher’s schedule. Failure to do so four times per semester will result in dismissal from that particular class. Exceptions will be made for those who have made arrangements with their teacher or those with a medical excuse.
VII. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and Weapons
       No harmful substances are allowed on or around the HSB. If a student is caught with any, the consequence could be immediate expulsion. Anything considered to be a weapon (including jack knives) is prohibited. If you are unsure whether an item has weapon status, check with the administrator when you enter the building.
VIII.   Other Rules
No food or drink in any classrooms, (including gum), except for special events organized by the teachers.
No electronic devices such as MP3 players, ipods, CD players, hand-held games, etc.
No bringing extra items to class such as toys, beads, etc.  Items will be confiscated and returned after class.
No wandering in the halls, restrooms, or parking lot during class time. If you are not in class, you should be in a designated area, (see Community at GRACE).
No loud talking or running will be permitted.
Cell phones must be silenced or turned off.  No texting will be permitted during class time.
Failure to Obey Rules.  First violation, a written warning will be sent to the parents. The second violation will result in dismissal from classes for that day. The third violation will result in dismissal from GRACE without any refund.

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******GRACE will close for inclement weather when the Wyoming Public Schools close. We will not call parents to notify them of thisso listen closely to your radio and television stations. Please note that TV, radio, and on-line announcements will refer to us as the “Home School Building” and not as GRACE. The HSB will announce the cancellation on at least TV Channels 8 and 13 and their corresponding websites, by no later than 6:30 a.m. If you have included your cell phone number and carrier when registering, you will receive a text if classes are canceled.  If you have already registered, you may add your cell phone number and carrier in the Parent Portal under Online Forms/Contact Info. You may also call the GRACE phone number, or look at our website or Facebook page. 
Tornado Policy:  If a tornado watch or warning is issued for Kent County, and is still in effect one hour before the beginning of the class day, we will cancel all classes for the day. If the watch is issued while we are in class, we will cancel all classes with the intent that all the students can be sent home immediately. Please have a plan whereby your child can get home as soon as possible. If a warning is issued, then we must take shelter in the building. 
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